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    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp
    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp
    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp

    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp

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    Moonriver Model 404 Integrated Amplifier achieves incredible performance at and beyond its price point.

    The 404 amplifier extracts subtle elements and textures from within all music, whilst retaining the power and natural tone of the performance.

    A hefty power supply section ensures that ample headroom is available at all times at all stages through separate rails. A fully discrete preamp section serves for acute dynamic awareness, while a high output stage that is custom-optimised for bandwidth and distortion warrants for neutral predisposition and transient fidelity.

    Furthermore, with the option of adding a phono board and or USB DAC Input Board, to extend the 404's talents to your turntable and digital USB source, the Moonriver Model 404 will delight in many a system.




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    Modular Architecture

    Moonriver 404 amplifier is modular by nature; it can accommodate an MM or MM/MC phono stage and a USB asynchronous DAC. Fitting these modules is simple and can take place at any time, on or after purchase. The USB DAC may also be upgraded with a newer version to meet future needs.

    Balance Control

    You may find this feature to be vanishingly scarce in audiophile products as a result of today’s “minimalist” design mentality and the various myths accompanying it. However, balance control addresses a common problem; speakers that are positioned in asymmetry, in a non-balanced room environment. It thus provides the simplest tweak towards achieving a proper sound stage.

    Living rooms and house furniture are meant to serve everyday life and may not be provisioned with an ideal listening spot, evenly distanced from each speaker to form an equilateral triangle. It is also not uncommon for one speaker to have to be placed nearer room boundaries than the other, having various frequencies boosted in a more or less predictable pattern. More often than not, balance control would come in handy in that it drastically helps overcoming volume level unevenness and in some cases even reclaiming stereo effect and the resulting focused sound stage.

    As expected, the way balance control is implemented on the Moonriver 404 amplifier, in parallel, will not degrade or affect the signal in any way determinable.

    Moonriver Audio


    Analogue Inputs
    5 (line 1 and 4 optionally occupied by phono and USB boards respectively, 1 x tape loop)
    Analogue Outputs
    2 x preamp out, 1 x rec out
    Power Output
    50 W per channel into 8 Ohm
    W430 x D390 x H135mm

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    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp

    Moonriver 404 Model Integrated Amp

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