No...MOOR is more! Angel 6+Pre in the Demo Room!

No...MOOR is more! Angel 6+Pre in the Demo Room!

In the demo room this week, we have the Moor Amps Angel PreAmplifier and the formidable Angel 6 Power Amplifier - One is a slimline, beautiful visual nod to classic Naim 3 Series amps, the other a sizeable and thoughtfully crafted beast!

A small family-owned British company, the name Moor Amps is a play on the Dartmoor family name of Narramore.

Even in the early phase of auditioning, the duo (like all great Hi-fi should) stand aside and let the music through. Regardless of genre, music is as layered and nuanced as the fidelity of the recording allows.

Partnered with our Russell K 150SE speakers (plus our reference Well Tempered turntable, Accuphase CD/DAC and Melco Streamer) the presentation is large and expansive, appearing behind the speakers in a wholly natural way.

We will be trying the duo out within a number of different systems over the coming weeks, and are fully expecting to be digging out plenty of old favourite and forgotten gems in our digital and vinyl music collection!

A little bit more...

The Angel-6 Dual Mono Power Amplifier

  • 300w RMS per channel into 4 ohms
  • Ultra linear, low feedback design
  • Substantial current delivery

The Angel-Pre Preamplifier

  • 5 Line Level inputs
  • Buffered passive pre-amp
  • Unity gain buffered outputs
  • High Quality ALPS Motorised Remote Controllable Volume Pot