ADOT - Adding some Fibre!

ADOT - Adding some Fibre!

When you open your mind to the reality that digital 0’s and 1’s are delicate time-sensitive electrical signals, they are - like other hi-fi electrical signals - just as susceptible to influence from noise and interference.

This potential problem is multiplied considerably when it comes to introducing networked and I.T products into the Hi-fi replay chain - an environment that most audiophiles will acknowledge can be compromised by connecting noisy or dirty components.

It was with this in mind, we decided to seek out an alternative to connecting our CAT6 cable (running from our Asus router) in the Demo room into whatever streaming solution we have running.

Having heard identifiable benefits from some modest TP Link Fibre kits, we approached our friends at ADMM to try out the new Audiophile-orientated Fibre Kits from ADOT.

Firstly fitting an MC01 + MC Accessory Kit between the CAT6 cable and our Melco N100 Streamer brought a remarkable improvement in overall 'cleanliness' of the musical presentation. Switching back to the direct CAT6 feed sounded rather grainy and dirty in comparison!

What was to come came as an even bigger surprise!

Introducing the mighty Melco S100 Network Switch to the equation seemed like it would negate the need of the ADOT kits - the S100 after all had always brought a huge upgrade in sound in the demo room when fed conventionally by the CAT6 feed. But even the S100 (when fed by one ADOT MC01 and an SFP module) benefitted from a removal of 'hash' to the sound that had gone unnoticed beforehand!

All this, and we haven't even mentioned what you gain when adding a linear power source to the ADOT kits.......