Earlier in the year our website totally destroyed itself, completely vanished. 'Nothing to do with us' said our web hosts....'it's an internal error!'

Yes, we lost the lot.  Hours and hours of data input all went up in smoke......... BUT now...We are back!

A lot of work has gone into this, our new website, and we hope to make this site even better than before, with ongoing News and Reviews of many of the exciting new products that come onto the market.

Even though we have been very busy, we have made time to audition many new HiFi Components and Accessories that have come our way during the last couple of months.

Over the next few weeks we will endeavour to bring to you our totally un-biased comments and reviews.

We are opening up a Pre-Owned section with products from respected manufacturers including Linn Products, Naim Audio, Exposure and hopefully many more. Keep your eyes peeled on this section for some Hi-Fi bargains.

Remember, we have been in the Specialist HiFi industry for over 40 years now and have built up a huge knowledge of music (and Audio Visual) in the home. 

Experience Counts! 

This website is still a 'work in progress' so bear with us.  Please remember that if you have any enquiries regarding your system or a possible upgrade then we are only a phone call (shop hours) or an email away.

We have our first review on view now for the amazing ADot products...helping to clean up that 'noisy' digital signal.